What It Costs

The cost of Botox treatments can depend on a variety of factors. For instance, how many areas of your face need treatment, how strong the treatment is, how much training your plastic surgeon has received and what area of the country in which you live can all impact what you can expect to spend.

That being said, the price range in the United States for a Botox Cost For Botox Injectionsinjection is in the $300 to $500 range. Just keep in mind that if you need multiple injections, you may spend as much as $1,000 or even more for your treatment each time you have it done. (Some practices today even charge as high as $1,000 per injection each time, so in that case, treating two areas can cost $2,000 for one visit, but this is less typical.) Further, some practices charge by the unit instead of by the injection. In that case, you will likely be charged about $10 to $15 a unit, but the overall price of the procedure should come out in the same range.

Keep in mind that physicians actually pay considerably less for each vial of Botox (the going price charged to physicians is in the $400 range, although experts say that the bottle of liquid actually costs less than $100 to manufacture). Each vial of Botox contains 100 units, but any liquid not used within a few hours of opening the bottle must be discarded, so there is usually a fair amount of waste. In addition, the physician’s fee must also include time, the facility and other overhead.

A Word Of Warning

In an environment where most people are tightening their purse strings and shopping around for the best deals on almost everything, the experts points out that you should draw the line on this practice when it comes to any medical or cosmetic procedures. This is because some states don’t require any training to perform treatments such as Botox and some of the untrained practitioners may be willing to charge you less than their licensed counterparts. In order to protect yourself, you should always look for a plastic surgeon or physician who is accredited and check his or her qualifications.

In addition, some physicians offer Botox parties, providing treatment for a group of friends in someone’s home. While this can be an interesting and entertaining way to try Botox and get a group rate, this practice has raised concerns about the safety of performing this treatment outside of a sterile office environment, so you may limit your treatment to those provided in a professional setting.

Creative Ways To Save

Cost For Botox Injections

These warnings aside, there are actually a few creative ways you can get Botox at a more affordable rate. One option is to look for a well-respected practice that offers the option of paying up front for the full year’s worth of treatment. This can cut the total price by 20 or 30 percent, making it worth the trouble. In addition, some practices run special promotions and incentives that allow new patients to try a treatment at a reduced rate. If you are considering trying such a special, always make sure the plastic surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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