Cost For Invisible Braces

Straightening your teeth is one cosmetic fix that can’t be camouflaged by a two week vacation that, miraculously, is so replenishing you come home looking ten years younger! It’s normally a long, fairly expensive process that historically has the downside of being inevitably public. People who are self-conscious of their teeth often feel there’s only one thing that looks worse than crooked teeth, and that’s crooked teeth with braces on top them shouting “LOOK”! (see the picture above to see what you don’t have to settle for anymore!) Well, for most mild to moderate cases of orthodontia work, there is a new less obvious option, invisible braces. A series of transparent removable “plastic” orthodontia adjusters changed every two weeks that subtly alter your teeth’s position over a period of time dependent upon your particular orthodontic needs. Not every orthodontist can offer them, and they are a bit more expensive than traditional dental braces, but the generally shorter total fix time combined with the luxury of removing those subtle invisible adjusters when you eat may make that extra taxing on the wallet worth it.

Count Them Up!

To get invisible braces, you generally need to have all your adult molars, which most people do by the age of 14.

Cost will vary from case to case because you are charged for the number of “adjusters” that will be needed, which will depend upon each particular set of teeth! The average treatment time is between 9 to 15 months, the average number of adjusters is between 18 and 30. Price also varies by region and doctors. Some doctors’ quotes for the same case can vary by thousands. The national average price is about $5,000. They are generally about 25% more expensive than regular dental braces.


Much of the cost of the invisible braces is in the 3-D computer imaging technology used at the beginning of the process to project tooth movement, which is why if you quit during the process of receiving your invisible braces you aren’t going to get a refund that reflects the number of adjusters that you used. Even though an office probably will not give you a “per adjuster” price, below are some averages.

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On the lower end, including fees adjusters can run you about $210 to $235 each.

On the higher end, it can be $350 to $500.

On average, you can assume it will probably be about $250 per adjuster.

If you lose your adjuster during the two weeks of its use, replacement adjusters are normally about $50.


Invisible braces are usually financed the same as regular braces, with either an upfront payment, or payment schedule agreed upon at orthodontists office. Most offices have a standard payment policy. If you’re insurance covers old fashioned dental braces, they will normally cover invisible braces at the same percentage.

Free Tip

Unlike traditional dental braces, invisible braces are removable, which means they are only cost effective if they are being worn! So, if it’s for your teen, you may want to invest in hidden cameras!